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    Comprehensive solution for violent actions


International Foundation SIRIUS – Foundation for Comprehensive solution of violent acts was founded by English company ADCOR Corporation Ltd., London.

AdCor (mean: to the heart) is a company that puts a new concept of life on all levels , because in the future the only one who can survive re those who will do what makes them happy, what is hidden in their hearts. Every man has a bright and a dark side, the bright side is what we carry in our hearts and th us we were born with, the dark side is what we nurture others; AdCor promotes light and thus human heart away with its products.

The group is combining all products of nature. The purpose of the group is to make the natural cycle of the circle, which is obtained from nature to nature back in another form, which is complementary. In nature never return garbage or something that nature cannot spend for their own development. Therefore, our basic is raw material product of nature (water, air, soil, food, wood, ore, and energy). All of this is processed into a product for humans ‘new era’ with technologies that do not harm the environment, or with minimum negative effects. While the so-called negative effects serve as a byproduct , which can again benefit the environment – do not build new buildings , but also take advantage of already existing objects placed in space, which previously clean energy and physically and give them a new purpose and use.

International Foundation SIRIUS is implementing a strategy of ADCOR in the field of business processes, because a lot of “junk” accumulates within the business. The most of all processes, that are artificially made to control and depleted employees, must be removed from the business. Also, by removing redundant processes we reduce acts of violence. International Foundation SIRIUS offers it’s assistance to public institutions (courts, municipalities, government, etc) as well as businesses and social institutions.



In SIRIUS International Fundation, we are engaged in implementing concepts of a new way of living. Our activities are divided into four key processes:



SiriusPersonalTransformation™ is an independent method or one of the processes of SiriusCBT® method which is designed for personal growth of individuals.

SiriusSPT™ is useful as a Methodology to work from two aspects:

  • Individual as personality
  • Individual as manager

Individual as personality

Is there one point in your life, were you and your life where not the main priority? In this time we start to collect so called psychological garbage.

The method SiriusSPT™ cleans the collected psychological garbage of a person, which was generated by his own fears. Also with this method we can lead a person to a personal freedom.

Individual as manager

A process in a company becomes part of the employee routine and that’s way they respond with resistance to changes or changes are hard to be accepted.

The method SiriusSPT™ is a driven process that leads top management or owners of capital to personal growth and definition of priorities in personal and business life and makes changes easier.

At the same time the person also learns how to run his life so that he never falls back in his old patterns and how to run the business with help of Dynamic communication model (DCM).

What you get with this:

  • The easiest way to manage yourself in unexpected situations (fear, disaster, panic situation …).
  • Reduce the number of errors in rapid decision-making.
  • The problems in life will be approached comprehensively.
  • The trouble situations you will respond quickly.
  • You will learn to observe and monitor your actions.
  • Manage your time.



SiriusComprehensiveBusinessTransformation® (SiriusCBT®) is a model that can establish effectively changes and balance in the processes and relationships in an organization.

Identification and implementation of changes takes place through two processes in which the model consists of:

  • SiriusPersonalTransformation™ (SPT™) – individual coaching and
  • SiriusBusinessTransformation™ (SBT™) – Business Transformation


Companies usually start as a result of an idea of one or more individuals, who on the basis of their experience, knowledge and personality form a business processes.

By increasing the number of employees, the process is complicated because of different personalities to the extent, that the company is engaged only with individuals (employees) and not with a rationalization of the business process (that is way employees so hard accept changes).

With Sirius Personal Transformation™ changes are introduced as painless as possible, so can personalities of employees slowly vanish into the background and in the foreground are entering responsible colleagues who are willing to cooperate, are motivated and are entrepreneurial thinking.

Process SiriusSPT™ is followed by the process SiriusBusinessTransformation™ through which employees begins to react differently and the process becomes more balanced and the use of all resources (human, financial) is optimal. Processes are clear, as well as the role of employees; their costs are reduced, and the price difference consequently increases.

The aim of the comprehensive reform of the organization is the transformation of a top management or owners of capital and reorganization, optimization and rationalization of business operations, and finally introduction and operation of the organization as a project office.

For a long-term retention of this system, it is necessary to establish an effective communication system that enables efficient management of information flow, delegating tasks and monitoring, called Sirius Dynamic Communication Model® (SiriusDCM ®) and the establishment of project management.



Our goal is to combine different services witch complements each other and so to imitate the natural cycle – that in the end there will be no byproducts. 
Our company’s list of services includes:

  • Waste collection
  • Recycling
  • Recycled Products

So a clean environment does not always mean only obligations, it is also a good business opportunity and we are looking for opportunities in companies where we see potential.



Because we as a company and people in general are increasingly aware that natural products are the foundation of our health and clean environment, we decided to combine a range of companies that produce natural products in raw and finished form. Because a clean environment plays a big role in our company, is our goal that we minimize the environmental impact and that we don’t produce by-products.

Our company’s list of services includes:

  • Water / Headwater / Charging / Maintenance / Energy
  • Nutrition / Production / Processing / Products
  • Wood / Products / Energy

SIRIUS DCM – Dynamic Communication Model

When we introduced the model of communication SiriusDCM in to the organization, we actually establish communication channels for information flow in both vertical and horizontal lines.
However, the process flow of information and documents do not provide alone an effective unified communications, because key role are playing the employees. Therefore, we lead employees through SiriusDCM to effectively communicate with each other.


  • Carry out a review of the effectiveness of the existing communication process.
  • Identify bottlenecks in the flow of information.
  • Prepare the concept of optimal communication within the organization.
  • Coordinate the introduction of a dynamic model of communication in the work process (SiriusDCM).


  • Rules of communication are established.
  • Higher quality of information transfer (reducing the risk of loss of information).
  • All information gathered in one place.
  • Overview of information and data.
  • Understanding of communication is unified.
  • Abandonment of old patterns.


  • SirusCBT
  • SiriusPT
  • SiriusBT


Sirius Fundation acts as a philantrophic branch of Dellian Breath Capital support framework.



If you need our help in management and organisation, please contact us:

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